About Us

Tiyeni is a small charity organization formed in 2005. The aim of the organization is to combat hunger and poverty in Northern Malawi through soil and water conservation, and through using rural farming methods enabling optimum food production from the land. Tiyeni was set up by life-long residents of Malawi who have worked to help rural communities by fostering self-sufficiency in food production. Currently, the organization has 11 staff; The Project Coordinator, Field Manager, Finance Officer and eight field officers. All staff are Malawi citizens. The Tiyeni office is situated adjacent to the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation near the centre of Mzuzu.


  1. To promote land conservation through integrated soil fertility measures.
  2. To foster community led conservation agriculture with ever increasing crop yields
  3. To educate all farming communities in Malawi that wish to adopt the Tiyeni Method so that erosion and soil loss is minimized and soil fertility is increased


  • To spread the Tiyeni method of soil conservation and of growing of healthy crops.
  • To eradicate hunger at household level.
  • To enable subsistence farmers to earn an income
  • That the Tiyeni method be imbedded in agricultural practice throughout Malawi.


  • To reach many areas in the country with Tiyeni technologies.

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Board of Trustees

John Crossley – Founder of the Tiyeni Fund Charity, and Chair of the Board of Trustees until 2016, John was District Commissioner of Nsanje district before he divided his time between England and Malawi. Concentrating, since the food shortage of 2001 to 2003, on soil conservation as a means of achieving food security

Elizabeth Crossley, John’s wife, has also played a major role in the foundation and establishment of Tiyeni.  While she and John were working in Malawi, she was Education Officer for the Diocese of Northern Malawi.  She too has helped a great many children and young people to find education and jobs over the years.

David Jackson – became a trustee of Tiyeni in July 2007 and was elected Chair of the Tiyeni Fund Board in January 2016.  He spent over 20 years in tropical agriculture working with smallholder farmers in southern Africa and the Caribbean.  Before retiring to the UK, he was a consultant in farming systems, tree crop development, and soil and water conservation.

Clare Cameron – has been UK Treasurer of Tiyeni since March 2007.  Clare spent 3 months in Malawi with the Crossleys in 2005, teaching in local schools and learning about the Tiyeni farming method as seen in the first of the demonstration gardens near Mzuzu.  She is now a UK civil servant.

Colin Andrews – started his career in land agency and became a chartered surveyor in 1973.  He visits Malawi annually, and works to promote the Scout moment, running a scouting centre at Kavusi on the Nkata Bay road.  Over the past few years he has been a regular visitor to the Tiyeni base in Mzuzu to see and to promote the soil-care system and Tiyeni methods in operation.  He became a trustee of Tiyeni in June 2013.

Andrew Burrows – is also a chartered surveyor by profession with a keen interest in agriculture and the field overseas.  He became a trustee in December 2013, and has been Secretary to Tiyeni Fund since April 2017.

Dr Alan Dixon – is Technical Advisor to the Trustees in the UK.  He is a Senior Lecturer in Geography at the Institute of Science and the Environment, University of Worcester.  He has worked in Malawi on several occasions, as well as elsewhere in Africa.  He has wide experience in community–based natural resource management and sustainable development.  He was a trustee of Tiyeni from June 2013 until March 2017.